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I’ve become a fan of Windscribe . I run with my VPN on all the time on my mobile devices - keeps my ISPs out of my business.

VPNs don’t transition well from wifi to cellular and sometimes they just stop the whole show while they reconnect for no apparent reason at all. I just figured that’s the way it is but I’ve been running Windscribe for several days now and it’s been flawless.

Plus, I was able to build my own plan for precisely what I need which saves $. I don’t need 100+ locations.

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This is *exactly* what I want to see when I fire up a new device out of the box.

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Platforms that offer "personalized" news based on your online habits and behaviors present a serious risk to a healthy and informed society.
Read this. Find the bit about the dangers of personalised news. It's true. @RealDMitchell

Two online sites have asked me to upload my ID before allowing me to buy something. No. No, that’s not going to happen. Never.

Why do these sites think it is OK to ask that? I have no clue who they are or what they’ll do with my ID once they get it.

It’s a disturbing trend that we should all be saying “no” to. Your identity isn’t worth a sweater or phone or whatever you’re buying. Credit cards have adequate built in protections for both merchants and consumers. Not great, but adequate.

MySudo is a neat tool for iOS. No android client. Found which is platform agnostic. Anonymous phone numbers (voice/text) as well as email.

Wanted to add that is anathema to avoiding doxxing. It puts all your arbitrary identies in one easy-to-find pile for doxxers to find.

Kudos to Windscribe for its "Opression Panel". Be your own Chairman.

"Welcome to the Internet as seen by people in China (and other heavily censored regions of the world). Most websites and services you use every day will now be blocked. Keep in mind, this is just a tip of the iceberg since we cannot simulate you getting arrested because you liked a Winnie-the-Pooh meme, or said a forbidden word on Weibo. You gotta go to China for the full experience."

Good article because it has actual usable tips in it. Most of these types of articles just rehash the “social medial bad. Don’t use social media” trope. That’s useless info bc humans.


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It always used to be relaible, for me anyway. So much so, I even wrote about it:

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El Camino was OK. It was mostly enjoyable because it was fun to see the Breaking Bad crew again, not because Jesse’s story was particularly compelling.

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