Due to underwhelming demand, there will be no Nextcloud or email accounts.

There's alot or noise about mobile support but all my shit keeps crashing when I try to add a pf acct.

Must be a use of the word support I don't know about.


"Vivaldi includes various links to websites in the browser default bookmarks. Some of those websites are partners of Vivaldi AS and some are not. Vivaldi AS receives shared revenue from those bookmark partners. That’s how we are able to provide this software free of charge to our users and continue to stay awesome!"
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I think we should switch the conversation to the human trafficking depicted in the 12 Days of Christmas. You can't give people as gifts.

Best TWiT subtitle yet:

"Highly illegal - and very affordable"


Somehow this decision ends up transferring more data to Facebook. I just can't see how yet.


No because those vulnerabilities have been fixed in current versions. That is why outdated software is a security risk.


Not your phone, your OS. Outdated software is a common malware infection vector. But, most carriers won't bother to upgrade Android because there's no incentive to do so. Which is the main reason why there is a lot of outdated Android devices like yours out there.

Apple sends updates direct to users, no carrier middleman, so there are less outdated iOS devices in the wild.


I don't think it's the worst thing on the air, but it's definitely not great. And I did find the story line of season 2 to be almost completely uninteresting.

As well, I'm not sure when the strike team became so incompetent. I won't give any spoilers but their tactics and procedures are really poor this season. I don't remember them being that poor in season 1.


Jack Ryan was never a deep character. That's one of the reasons those books bare so popular - easily digestible characters.

He's somewhere between Mack Bolan and Sherlock Holmes.

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