@Skypilot i have android 7 (nougat) and there isn t this block 🤔

@Skypilot my smartphone works well, i don t need a new one 🤓


Not your phone, your OS. Outdated software is a common malware infection vector. But, most carriers won't bother to upgrade Android because there's no incentive to do so. Which is the main reason why there is a lot of outdated Android devices like yours out there.

Apple sends updates direct to users, no carrier middleman, so there are less outdated iOS devices in the wild.

@Skypilot ok, basically you are right but is there any sense to poisoning a windows xp today (for example)? Has more sense to send malware to the actual majorities of hardware and software


No because those vulnerabilities have been fixed in current versions. That is why outdated software is a security risk.

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