Good article because it has actual usable tips in it. Most of these types of articles just rehash the “social medial bad. Don’t use social media” trope. That’s useless info bc humans.



Wanted to add that is anathema to avoiding doxxing. It puts all your arbitrary identies in one easy-to-find pile for doxxers to find.

@Skypilot Yes. Don't use #keybase to identify yourself if it is anonimity you seek.

That goes for any identification service, really. Keybase is no exception, here.


Doxxers frequently go after people who probably don't yet know they've been targetted and services like Keybase make it easier.

If someone is purposely trying to be anonymous, Keybase can support that because although it ties your IDs together, it does not necessarily have to tie into a real world ID. Example:

It is best to not use Keybase or similar services at all. Or, at least, do not use that part of the service.

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