This does make scam/spoof (i dunno the name for it) sites (b4nk.com). You know for pishing attacks, shady link, seem more legit when they get that https-green 'secure' icon lit up.


I can get a certificate for b4nk.com and you’ll get a nice green url bar.

Certs only encrypt data. They provide no assurance the site isn’t still dodgy af.

In theory there are “extended validation” certificates that are supposed to provide assurance the entity at least exists. But current browser versions are burying that info out of view so in practice they’re useless.

@thegibson @Skypilot
Sir, take a deep breath, sit down... okay now:
You might not be like most.
But don't worry, people can live with it just fine.

@Skypilot Remember folks who joked there should be an internet license for users own safety back in the 90s? Maaaybe they were on to something after all...

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